TN Elect. Contractor Categories

ASAP Electric, Inc. TN  Electrical Contracting (CE) license No. 00066172

The information listed below is a snippet from pages 7 & 8 of the "Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors Classification Outline with Trade Exam Requirements" document. Click here to view the entire document

Prime and Subcontractors must both be licensed as a contractor to perform electrical work.

The CE designation covers all electrical categories (A – L) for residential, commercial and industrial projects:

A. Electrical Transmission Lines

B. Electrical Work for Buildings and Structures

C. Underground Electrical Conduit Installation

D. Sound and Intercom Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Signal and Burglar Alarm Systems, and Security Systems up to (70) volts. 

E. Electrical Signs

F. Telephone Lines and Ducts

G. Cable T.V.

H. Substations

I. Electrical Temperature Controls

J. Fire Detection Systems, Signal and Burglar Alarm Systems and Security Systems with conduit and wiring above (70) volts.

K. Roadway Lighting, Attenuators and Signalization 

L. Electric Meter Installation

Note: The CE classification covers all categories of electrical contracting. ASAP Electric, Inc. (CE) license No. 00066172

Electrical contractors (CE) and limited licensed electricians (LLE) are required by Tennessee Sate Law to display the license number when advertising and bidding for contracts. We would do it anyway.